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ESM Solutions

Enterprise System Management Solutions

ESM (Enterprise System Management) can be described as the automation of activities involved in administering, monitoring, operating, and supporting multiple information infrastructure (systems). The infrastructure is commonly of various platform types and connected by one or more networks. ESM commonly involves automating repetitive tasks and remotely performing activities that would otherwise be performed by local Infrastructure Administrators.

Svetlo Consulting Inc engages in IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Consulting, this includes:

  • IT Monitoring Solutions Design and Architecture
  • IT Monitoring development and implementation
  • IT Monitoring Infrastructure assessments
  • Operations Design

Svetlo Consulting Inc leverages industry Standards and Best Practices, that include FCAPS (OSI), Event Management (ITIL v3) and others.

Svetlo Consulting Boston MA USA
email: rnemet@svetloconsulting.com
Phone: (202) 329 9990