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Selected IT Management news, trends, products updates and techniques.������������������������������������������������ ����������������Vol.1.01 March 09

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    Svetlo Introduction

    IT Operations and economy

    Actionable ITIL

    Server meltdowns that cost

    CMDB more important than ever

    DigitalFuel News

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This newsletter provides quick dose of current IT Management information helpful to management, consultants and engineers. Svetlo is assembly of experts in the respective areas of ITSM, ESM, BSM and IT Governance.

Svetlo Consulting Inc. is an collective of experts in the areas of ITSM, ITIL, ESM, SOA and IT Governance, in process development, technology, project management, consulting and advisory, and education. Together, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to assist businesses. We collaborate with the experts on providing the practical advisory; if you may need assistance, help with information research just ask us!

Our collective research demonstrates that, especially in these days of economic uncertainty running business and keeping IT costs down, requires having proper IT management processes and systems in place. Svetlo Consulting Inc. can provide its expertise to assist you in meeting your objectives. We hope this Newsletter will provide some helpful information and insights, and you are encouraged to share your own ideas and expertise!

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Glenn ODonnell, Networld World 03.05.2009


In these brutal economic conditions "doing more with less" is a necessity. But therein lies opportunity.

Companies that invest intelligently in tools, processes and themselves will prevail. It is Darwin's natural selection, applied in textbook fashion to the business world.


March 5, 2009 By Mike Tainter and Kristy Smith


Effective adoption of ITIL requires not only the application of ITIL best practices, but also a sound process development framework. Coupled with a campaign of cultural transformation and consistent measurement and results tracking, solid process development techniques will yield repeatable, integrated and actionable processes for managing services and operations across the IT organization.

11 Embarrassing Server Meltdowns that Cost Companies Millions

February 10, 2009 By David Hakla

Online retailers cant make operational errors. Period. A slow-loading Web page or a downed server can cost Internet businesses millions of dollars in revenue. According to a December 2008 study by Aberdeen Group Inc., a delay of just six seconds versus five to download a page can impact visitor conversions to sales by seven percent, page views by 11 percent and customer satisfaction by 16 percent. What a difference a single second can make



March 10, 2009 By Dennis Drogseth


Fear can come in many forms. Sometimes it comes from a loud noise, or else from a scary image I just heard about a pharmaceutical company trying to get college students to respond to the picture of a spider with fear by giving them electric shocks (they wanted to test medication that could help to soften the memory). And these days it can come from just reading a newspaper, or turning on the TV, or going online for the latest financial news




Vendor News

Solution Gives IT Operations Transparency into IT Cost Drivers for All Business Services,
Offering CIOs and CFOs Better IT Financial Management and Wiser Spending

SAN MATEO, CA (March 3, 2009) DigitalFuel, the leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, is proud to announce today that its IT Cost Management software product, ServiceFlow, has been named winner of the 2009 Pink Elephant "Innovation of the Year" award at the 13th Annual International IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition. The award recognizes the single product or service from the IT Service Management (ITSM) vendor community that has made the greatest contribution to ITSM in the last calendar year.






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