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Service Management Information Reporting Solutions

Service Management Information Reporting Solution

Strategy of measuring:

Basic levels (a sound foundation) needs to be in place before you grow into the next advanced level;

Achieving an advanced level does not mean it’s not supported or founded by basic level (it’s crucial);

The Strategic level at the top and the Operational level at the bottom are mostly working completely isolated using the same kind of data;

Benefits of SMIR:

  1. gain insight in what‘s happening in your IT department by means of instant data access and out of the box reports;
  2. improve processes with embedded ITSM Intelligence, Periodic Measurement and Data Health Checks;
  3. impress your customers by demonstrating the value of IT with quick ROI and professional communication methods;
  4. improve the delivery of your IT services by gaining insight into your IT operations

DigitalFuel (acquired by VMWare) based Solution
Svetlo Consulting Inc has been developing pre-packaged reports to speed up your time to value. The reporting packages include reports with metrics and KPIs valued the most by IT and Business in the area of Service Support (Incident, Problem, Change Management processes). Currently for HP Service Center/Service Manager tool.

The DigitalFuel’s ServiceFlow Platform implements Digital Fuel’s patented Visual Design technology for defining the business rules that flow into SLAs and financial calculations. Visual Designer allows business users to model the complex logic behind various types of business obligations – no coding required. The ServiceFlow Platform also provides a wide range of required data processing capabilities utilized across the three applications. It gives users a simple, wizard-driven way to connect to external data sources, and has powerful mechanisms for collecting, cleansing, handling errors in, and finding missing data, as well as formatting, correlating, aggregating, and filtering data. These tasks are executed in accordance with the defined business rules.


Westbury Service Management Intelligence (SMI)

Westbury SMI Suite is made up of the following components:

• SMI Foundation

• SMI Report Manager

• SMI Distributor


SMI Foundation

Reports are created from data stored in the dedicated SMI Database whose structure is fixed. This enables

Westbury to offer a standardized reporting environment, regardless of the (changing) structure of the back-end HP ServiceCenter software / HP Service Manager software database. SMI Foundation has been created in such a way that administrators can maintain the solution through a GUI, eliminating the need for any programming.


SMI Database

• Includes data marts, with a design optimized and fine-tuned for high-performance reporting.

• Has been designed to support virtually any HP ServiceCenter software / HP Service Manager software


• Accommodates all common service management fields


SMI Report Manager

SMI Report Manager is the key customer facing component of SMI Suite. With SMI Report Manager, Westbury has transformed standard Business Objects technology into an out of the box solution.


SMI Distributor

Getting the information to the right people at the right time in an efficient manner is key. SMI Distributor facilitates this with Scheduling and Publishing.


Automatically run your reports and save them in the multiple desired formats (eg PDF, HTML, XLS, XML etc).


A server-based publishing system that allows you to broadcast business information to a mass audience via the web and by email.


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