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Available Tools (SW Development)
Service Management Intelligence/Reporting

Strategy of ITSM measuring:

Basic levels (a sound foundation) needs to be in place before you grow into the next advanced level;

Achieving an advanced level does not mean it’s not supported or founded by basic level (it’s crucial);

The Strategic level at the top and the Operational level at the bottom are mostly working completely isolated using the same kind of data;

Benefits of SMIR:

  1. gain insight in what‘s happening in your IT department by means of instant data access and out of the box reports;
  2. improve processes with embedded ITSM Intelligence, Periodic Measurement and Data Health Checks;
  3. impress your customers by demonstrating the value of IT with quick ROI and professional communication methods;
  4. improve the delivery of your IT services by gaining insight into your IT operations

HP Openview PerformanceInsight Node Deletion Tool:

Java based tool which run on both Sybase and Oracle databases and systematically delete devices from the PI database so that theyno longer show within report or the Object Manager. The tool will take either asingle node or a list of nodes to be removed.

HP Openview PerformanceInsight NNM Common Property Table Integration Tool:

TheTool will take the current containers.xml file and create Customer and/or Location mappings based on the information contained within the file or a source directory containing textfiles with nodes. The tool can accept a current common property table Node datafile and update it based on the information of the source.

HP Openview NNM 7.5x Container Creation Tool:

 Will create a containers.xml file based on a source directory and text files found within (SSiContainers.tab if found contains hierarchy information for containers). If a containers.xml file exists then the tool will update the information from the source directory without overwriting the current information such object ids and x-y coordinates.   

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