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Svetlo's seasoned BSM and ITSM experts can

facilitate the build of true best practices based Business Service

configurations by leveraging the robust capabilities of Neebula.

The result is properly defined Business Services with both logical

and physical components that will underpin all Service

Management processes.

  • Service configurations become more manageable and accurate
  • IT Service Management activities become more efficient and effective
  • Service component relationships are more accurate and maintainable
  • Existing tool use becomes more efficient and manageable

Regardless of the Service Management maturity level, Svetlo can

enable IT organizations to produce service configurations more

quickly and successfully integrate the results into the

organization’s Service Management activities, tools, and culture.

Below are just some of the many examples of the benefits

Svetlo’s experts can help you integrate into your Service

Management practices:

Change and Release Management
    • Utilizing ServiceWatch’s historical data to track unauthorized Change in the infrastructure

More robust assessment of Changes

      • Physical components affected are easier to determine
      • Relationships among components and other Business Services are more readily visible
      • Better risk assessment
  • Configuration Management
    • More accurate and current view of the physical infrastructure
    • Ease of building relationships among components and services
    • Better identification, control, validation, and status accounting of configuration items in the environment
  • Incident, Information Security, and Event Management
    • Integration of timely service information when changes occur to services based on ServiceWatch’s automated update of service map data
  • Availability Management
    • Ability to more easily and proactively monitor failing components within a service map
  • Problem Management
    • ServiceWatch data and visual service mapping assists in proactive and reactive root cause analysis

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